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About Clonmel Mountain Bike Club

Based in the Comeragh Mountains and Slieve na mban, CMBC has been at the heart of mountain biking in South Tipperary and Waterford for many years. We are keen mountain bikers interested in the promotion of mountain biking to newcomers and seasoned riders.

Throughout the year we organise events and group spins for people interested in the sport.

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Learn MTB Skills

If you want a friendly environment to enjoy and develop your mountain bike skills with others.

Group Spins

Our group spins range from (with adherence to Covid distancing regs at the moment) XC to Trail and Enduro. All levels Welcome.


Become a part of the mountain biking community in South Tipperary and help us to grow mountain biking by joining our Club.

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Recevice the full benefits of qualified coaches. Hone your skills with specialized workshops and training sessions led by experienced riders. From technical trail riding to bike maintenance, our club is committed to helping you become the best rider you can be.